Monday, September 26, 2016

How our language has changed in the digital age

Every morning, Monday to Friday, my stockbroker sends me an update on the financial situation. Yesterday I received this and if anyone can make sense of it then I would be grateful for a translation.

"Dovish decisions by the BoJ and Fed have taken the idea of optimal control policy paths to the extreme. This should calm fears of bear-steepening yield curves for now, but we remain neutral on duration and most yield curves as political uncertainty should stymie another runaway bull flattening."

I actually, after reading it through several times sort of got the gist of what the writer was trying to say and basically I think that it means that the stockmarket is not going to plummet drastically in the near future.  I think ...

We have just been through one of the coldest winters on record and it is still very cold although now that we are into spring we sometimes have a nice day before the weather closes in again.  This morning is reasonably warm and I have the A/C set on 18 degrees C. but there are storm clouds to the west and the forecast is thunderstorms this afternoon.  The wheat harvest has been ruined by the frosts just weeks before it was due to be gathered in.

I have been reading a book which is all about plainchant (nothing technical  -  it is a whodunit with a locked-room theme) and that got me thinking about my spinning which I see as a form of meditation.  I always listen to music when I spin and it has a twofold benefit of gauging the length of time when I spin and helping me to forget that my thumbs hurt.  It has occurred to me that a bit of plainchant would be good so I have ordered some plainchant CDs  -  a beginners' collection for goodness sake.  We used to sing plainchant at school and I always found it very appealing so I am looking forward to receiving my collection of five CDs of plainchant to see if they send me further into a meditative state when I spin.

I've not done any yoga for a week and will start back again tonight with the easy one and work back from there.  My excuse to stop was that I had a naevus removed from my upper chest and didn't want to disturb the stitches.  That was my rational anyway, erroneous though I realised that it was  -  but I was very tired so it seemed to be a good idea at the time.  The naevus was not malignant but in people with a history of melanoma (I have) it could have turned malignant so I am glad that it is gone.  One was enough and although it was found to be actually regressing I can't rely on my immune system to protect me for ever.

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