Sunday, August 14, 2016

Oh, Where and Oh, Where ...?

Here is a summary of the state of Microsoft's mail service at the moment:

Office Outlook 16  -  Unable to create new folders but the mail works OK.  I can change the default size of the font but not the font itself or colour except manually.

Outlook Live Mail  -  able to create folders but the only mail which comes in is spam which goes straight to my Spam folder; there is never anything in the inblx.  Sending New Mail is not an option as I am unable to receive replies.     The links in the signature work.  I can set the default font and colour and the new mail is easy to edit.

The Lily Pond (AKA Hotmail with my IP's mail synced)  -  sends mail intermittently; there is no spam folder but so far no spam has come into the mailbox.  I can move emails to a folder but only to the default ones  -  there is no facility to create new folders.

Gmail, on the other hand does it all.  It is not surprising that it is Gmail which I am using more and more; I just haven't got around to letting everyone know  -  yet.  Maybe Microsoft will eventually get things right but it always worked before  -  why is it having so much trouble getting things right  with Windows 10.

Yahoo also seems to be working well but since it is, so far, not universally accepted as a legitimate default email address I normally do not use it except when I want to be anonymous as my identity is hidden from my recipients.

I have been struggling with Windows 10 for just over a year now and other than the email I can usually get it to do what I want.  I get tired of defaulting back to Desktop whenever I close a program or app and I get annoyed when every page I open tends to be tablet size which would be fine if I was using a tablet but I mostly use my Desktop computer with a wide screen and I have to expand the page to see it all.

It is very difficult to teach it to elderly people with no computer experience and we are getting more and more younger clients sent to us by employment agencies so that they can be seen to be learning new skills in order that they do not lose their benefits.  Mostly they have no computer experience either and arrive with a variety of Laptops ("set up by my daughter"  -  words which I have learnt to dread).

Microsoft, the Rio Games and the Australian Bureau of Statistics are neck in neck for the prize for the biggest stuff-up and I think that Microsoft is just a nose ahead.

For any readers wondering about the ABS stuff-up, it was census week last week and for the first time ever we were supposed to complete the census form online but the site crashed and millions of people were unable to complete their census until two days after the event.

Life, at the moment, is interesting but stressful.  It brings to mind the Chinese curse/greeting, "May you live in interesting times".

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