Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Chaos ...

Coles supermarket downstairs in the Centre has decided to do a major revamp , presumably in order to give themselves some more shelf space.

For the last five years while I have been living here and shopping for my groceries at Coles there have been two side aisles and a centre one, each of them running the length of the shop.  Now someone in his wisdom has decided to get rid of the centre aisle and have the shelves running from one side to the other without a break in the middle ... and everything has been moved around.  Admittedly things are better labelled than they used to be but nothing is where it was before and there is utter confusion.

I was in there two days ago and there were people with trolleys wandering all over the place and a multitude of harassed assistants trying to direct people  -  but since it is still a moving feast as the workmen gradually move from one end to the other I don't think that the poor people trying to help us actually know themselves where things are.  What is interesting is that strangers are talking to each other, complaining that they are utterly lost and attempting to help those who are more confused than they are themselves.

No doubt things will start to sort themselves out but it has taken me five years to find the black lentils and now I am going to have to start all over again.

The oil drip trays and the degreaser arrived this morning and the drip trays have been installed underneath D2's two classic Porsches, one of which seems to have emptied itself all over the floor of the car parking area.  I have told D2 that I will pay for the trays and the degreaser but she is going to have to do the clean-up.  And she has gone off to America again for goodness knows how long but there is another forum on Baclofen there and she intends to stop off in France again on her way back.  I have a copy of her talk which she gave in France  -  very impressive and in fluent French.  I didn't understand more than about three words but she looked good and spoke well and I am very proud of her. 

I am having coffee with someone from the Fred Hollows Foundation in about an hour.  I think that he is hoping to charm some more money out of me but I have made it clear that I only donate to one charity per year and Fred Hollows has had its turn and he must not expect more in the near future.  This year it will probably be the Guide Dogs.

I teach in the VisAbility building and so I am confronted by guide dogs in training all the time and they are beautiful.  It is decades since I donated to what used to be called The Blind Institute and they became very demanding so I decided not to give them any more money but working in the building and seeing the dogs has changed my mind.  Hopefully their attitude to donors has also changed because, like the Fred Hollows Foundation my donation will be a one-off.

I have almost finished spinning the grey portion of my Petal Soft colourway  but seeing the pink and brown sections together all my ideas about that I intend to knit with it have gone out the window and I think that I am going to have to make a side-to-side jacket with the grey part separating the other two colours.  I'll wait until I have plied the grey and then I will decide what to do with it all.

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