Sunday, October 2, 2016

How to Hate windows 10 in Six Easy Lessons Pt. 4

I have been transcribing Family Wills with a view to putting them together, along with all the other family secrets, into a folder which emulates a web page so that there are workable links I can load it onto a memory stick and send copies to any family members who might be interested in the things which were never spoken of.  There are a lot of secrets in my mother's family and my curiosity was piqued when I was not able to discover why my Great Great Uncle Charles was the Black Sheep of the family and why no-one knew what he did to earn that title.

I have entered quite a bit of data but still have a long way to go with more secrets appearing as I delve further into my Mother's family.  [Thank  you Trove].  I have realised that the stories about her family were fairy tales and none had even a grain of truth in them and I am trying to compile a more realistic view of what seems to have been a very dysfunctional family.

Last night, after transcribing several of the Wills I decided to get back to converting them to HTML and putting them into what I call my Slush Fund only to find that I was no longer able to.  The format has changed and no amount of trying allowed me to make even the smallest change to what I had already entered  -  and I was not able to find Notepad which is the HTML facilitator which I used to build both my online Web Pages and the Slush Fund so I went in search of it.

This lead me to the apps.  Notepad is now an app and I had a choice of two versions of Notepad  -  Notepad Classic and Notepad Light.  Notepad Classic "has all the features of the old notepad which we know and love"  so that was the one which I have downloaded.  It certainly turns my pages into the familiar 'source' but it was getting late so I have not yet worked out how to use it but will sit down and get to know it and format the Wills in a copy of the original Slush Fund to make sure that I do not spoil the original while I faff around and become familiar with it.

 Notepad used to be a standard part of Windows; why does it now have to be an add-on which I had to search out and download with the added anxiety of not being able to finish my project if it doesn't live up to its promise of working just like the old version but easier. Hmmmmm!

The wild weather has subsided although it is still very cold and the electricity is gradually being restored in South Australia but there is now flooding in the Adelaide hills with the Onkaparinga River rising.  I can remember the river flooding one Christmas Eve and inundating all the houses close to the banks in Balhannah and Oakbank and the ford over the river at Oakbank was impassable.  On Christmas Eve ...  In mid-summer ...

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