Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Sometimes you can get lucky

I am back to writing up my Family History as a web page so that I can save it on Flash Drives and send it to family members who are interested in all the family stuff which was never talked about or was cleaned up for general consumption.  I have no intention of putting this family history inline, it contains the secrets which the family needs to know but which the general public is best kept in the dark about.  There is nothing there which cannot be found by searching various online sources such as Trove but it is tedious and not of general interest .

I did the basics some time ago  -  mostly creating an index and using a template to create pages for various people or subjects such as the Onkaparinga Hundred.  I did this using Notepad which I found easy to use and a lot of fun.  However, that was some time ago and Microsoft has moved on as has its coding programs.  I am unable to update my online website because my File Transfer Protocol (ftp) no longer works and so far I have not got around to contacting my IP to find out how to get it working again.

When I went back to what I have called my "Slush Fund" Windows 10 had killed Notepad and as I had forgotten most of how to go about web page building I was at somewhat of a loss since I wanted to add the Family Wills which I have been, with great difficulty, transcribing.

Windows 10, I discovered, now has an HTML facilitator app called Wordpad Classic which is supposed to emulate the old Wordpad and to a great degree it does so but it Saves differently and looks different  -  or I am doing something wrong  -  and I had to resort to my backup to get back to the original folder and make a copy to play around with. 

I started in Wordpad Classic but using  a book called "How to Do Everything with HTML" which was written some years ago in the days of Wordpad and I was going right back to the beginning of learning Web Page building using a book which didn't quite fit the new App  -  when suddenly I found myself back in Notepad which Windows 10 had strenuously denied was now available.  Oh, happy day!

I will need to work my way back to the skills which I am right out of practise with but at least I now have books to guide me back and I will be working towards documenting all the information I have found to save for posterity  -  just supposing that posterity is interested.

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