Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Just Another Day at the Office

Today I bit the bullet and attended a long appointment with my doctor where I underwent an all-over skin check and had anything a bit out of the ordinary frozen off (hopefully never to be seen again but not holding my breath; some of us have been there before) and obtained a referral for a mammogram.  This was with great reluctance.  It is two years since the last one when I had to undergo a biopsy and have a marker placed although the biopsy came up clear.

It is one of those unpleasant things which you do not want to have but know that you need to.  Soon after I graduated I was treating a woman with advanced bilateral terminal breast cancer.  It is the only time I have ever seen such an advanced stage in which the name 'cancer' (crab) becomes evident.  The tumours grew out from a central point like raised tendrils which snaked out under the skin and over her ribs and looked very crab-like.  I asked her why she had left it for so long and she said that she had been afraid that the doctor would tell her that she had cancer.  I have taken that as a lifelong lesson not to leave things for too long, however unpleasing the test results might be.

On the subject of doctors  -  my GP is always concerned about my blood pressure although we both know that I have 'white-coat hypertension' and that it is low in the morning and up at night.  I have steadfastly refused all offers of hypertension lowering medication but had noticed that my BP is always lower after I have done yoga.  So last night I decided to test it and I measured my BP just before I did my yoga and then again straight afterwards and found that it had dropped by about 35mms.  Impressive!

I have no clients at COTA tomorrow  -  one is ill and the other has, so far, not attended at all and tomorrow would be his last scheduled lesson so I spat the dummy and said that I would not spend two hours travelling there and back only to find that he hadn't bothered to turn up again.  So I suddenly have a whole free day to do exciting things like cleaning and shopping.  But I can sleep in; my alarm disturbs the cats.

I have finished knitting the third  Kimono Sweater and ended up with only about 40cm of yarn left  -  not even enough to knit one more row.  That was definitely too close for comfort and I had only allowed for two skeins since the first two of that pattern which I knitted took less than two and I thought that I would have plenty with some over for tying  around yet to be created skeins.

Now I just have to sew the sweater up! 

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