Friday, November 4, 2016

When you have got to ...

I have been busy for the last couple of weeks getting my house in order.

I have had vaccine boosters for Tetanus., Diphtheria, Pertussis, and Poliomyelitis.
I have had my skin checked from top to toe and anything suspicious frozen off.
I have had a mammogram.
I have an appointment to have my teeth cleaned and scaled early next week.

I am not looking forward to the results of the mammogram; the last one produced a suspicious area and I had to have a biopsy which gave a negative result but I can be lucky only so many times before something nasty is found.  The results will be available next week.

My newest client at COTA has a Windows10 computer and the computer which I use there refused to open anything in its version of Windows 10 so I had to use my Surface Pro and my little hotspot.  She has a Surface Pro and I have suggested that she brings it along next week and we can work with that.  I have given up complaining about the COTA computers.  All five (would you believe) of their drives are 80% full or more, the shortcuts and Icons on the desktops of both computers refuse to allow themselves to be deleted and  most refuse to let themselves be dragged into a folder.  Half of the Desktop is full of immovable shortcuts such as MS Word which is fine on a PC but hopeless for teaching since the likelihood of our clients having a shortcut is not a given and they need to know where on their own computers they can access it  -  if they actually have MS Office.   And I can't change the Homepage.

It is summer here now although it is still very cold with southerly winds but the cats have woken up from their winter hibernation and have spent the day beating each other up.  Poppy is definitely the dominant one although she mostly walks around with her tail down.  Parsifal, on the other hand, still thinks that he is a kitten and trots around with his tail up.  And he loves to help me to make the bed which means that it takes half the morning to finish it.

I have started knitting a sweater from the Petal Soft which I spun and knitted is it not as ugly as I thought that it would be but the pink and brown parts look awful together and I will be separating them with the grey.  I have almost finished spinning the last of the 'Quoth the Raven' from the Megasal last year.  I have about an hour's spinning to finish the bobbin which I am working on and then there is just the one bobbin left to spin; about another six hours to finish it all.  It is merino and bamboo silk so is very soft and probably not suitable for a sweater.  I will be researching shawls and ponchos for that.

Sorry  -  this is very boring but as this Blog is essentially a diary I need to record the housekeeping in case I need to refer back at some later date.

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