Sunday, November 6, 2016

Alas, the Lilypond; it was pretty but ...

I have been complaining about the non-functioning of the Lilypond for months and it has finally disappeared.  In its place is which actually works and looks good.  A new email address to add to the many I already have but maybe like its predecessor Hotmail it will be viable on any computer.

Last night when it first appeared on my Windows10 computer it had no facility for a contacts list and I really created to Microsoft about this absurd situation  -  a mailbox without any way of adding contacts but perhaps there is still a little bit of Beta about it.  It was really good at sending emails if I happened to know the address but otherwise it was impossible.  So far there is no facility to set a default font although there are editing tools and it is possible to select a font before composing the email.  Perhaps that will be the next thing which gets organised.  And I have told them to stop pushing Skype;  I do not want it.

I had my teeth scaled and polished this morning and much to my dismay I was told that I also had an appointment with my dentist who didn't want to see me any more than I wanted to see him so we mutually agreed that we would get together next May and maybe even sort out my sore tooth.  He has been steadfastly refusing to remove it because he can't find out why it has been giving me so much grief for the past couple of years.  His reason?  It is the only tooth I posess with no filling.

No results from the mammogram yet but I have discussed some options with D2 just in case.  She is back from overseas and arrived with coffee yesterday afternoon.  I am not sure when she intends to deal with her incontinent cars but as long as she is willing to clean up the mess then I am happy to house them.  Two classic Porsches give me a lot of street cred.

I was very impressed when I turned up for the mammogram.  There in the waiting room was a big basket of knitting wool with some knitting needles holding a half-knitted square and a sign saying "Would you like to help knit a blanket for charity?"  I managed three rows before I was summonsed to the change room to don a paper gown and go in for processing.  A brilliant idea.

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