Wednesday, November 16, 2016

My Supermoon in the sign of Cancer

According to a newsletter from an astrologer, to whom I must have given my email address in the olden days, the supermoon on 14th November was in the sign of Cancer which is my astrological sign and this is supposed to bring me all manner of nice things.  So far this is coming to pass.

Yesterday I received the news that the mammogram which I had a couple of weeks ago was clear.  I had one two years ago which was suspect and I was sent off for a biopsy which was OK but I faced this one with some trepidation wondering if whatever was found two years ago had progressed but even with the Clinic's new super machine nothing suspicious was picked up.

The second nice thing was that D3 and SIL took me out for breakfast/coffee and cake this morning.  I slept until 9.00am for some reason and woke up with the cats in bed with me so I hadn't had any breakfast when D3 phoned.  It was a very delayed birthday present and I enjoyed it greatly.  Time with my daughters is what I enjoy above all things so it was a lovely morning and I confirmed that Christmas day will be at my place this year.  I alternate with my Ex  and although he and the wife-in-law were supposed to hold Christmas lunch last year they, for some reason, decided to hold Christmas Dinner down in Mandurah and both his and her families decided to do their own thing rather than track all the way down there.  We had Christmas lunch at D3's.

I have been knitting up the Petal Soft superwash fibre which turned out to be rather ugly the way I spun it (it was ugly before I spun it but maybe the way I prepared it contributed) so I have been entertaining myself by knitting a star between my shoulder blades as I knitted the back which I finished this evening.  I am not going to like the sweater but it will be useful being supposedly machine washable and playing around with decorations on something which I don't like is a very good learning curve for me before I launch myself  into knitting black possum lace.

I only managed ten rows at my knitting group yesterday.  We seem to do a lot of talking, comparing patterns and admiring everyone else's work for an hour and a half after which we have coffee and biscuits.  There is a core  group which comes every week now with an occasional ring-in.  It is a lot of fun and pushes me into knitting more and spinning a bit less.  A good thing since I have a build-up of yarn waiting to be knitted.  I will be joining the crowd and knitting a new beanie for SIL because their dog chewed the last one I knitted him. 

Poppy has been limping for the last few days, not helped by Parsifal who plays rough.  I cut their fingernails a couple of days ago and that helped a bit but I know that she has arthritis in her right front paw so it is always going to be touchy and I won't take her to the Vet unless it keeps on keeping on. Maybe I should board Parsifal out for a while to give her some recovery time but I know that they would both hate that so we will just wait and see how things go.  It is always going to be a problem and one which we will all have to live with.

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