Friday, November 18, 2016

Microsoft, be afraid; be very very afraid.

Last night I checked out the hits to my blog.  I seem to have a core group of loyal readers around the world and here is an interesting statistic.

Browsers used to access this blog:
Chrome        60%
Safari           32%
Firefox         3%
PhantomJS   3%
Unknown     2%

Not a single hit from an Internet Explorer user for the last week.

There is no surprise there and once I stop teaching Windows 10 to confused senior citizens  -  and I am fast becoming a confused senior citizen myself  thanks to the ever-changing face of Windows 10 -  I will probably start using either Chrome or Linux.

Yesterday I opened "Photos" to edit a pic of the back of the sweater I am knitting prior to posting on Ravelry only to find that Microsoft, in its wisdom, had changed "Photos" and not for the better.  It is clunky, hard to use and very irritating.  I managed the edit eventually but compared to the obsolete MS Office Picture Manager which was a  quick, easy photo editor,  it is dreadful and even compared to the older version of Photos it is awful.  Why do Microsoft keep on upgrading to worse and worse apps when the older app was OK. 

Last week I found that my client and I were unable to change her homepage from something which was all pictures and noise so I went home and had a look at my own home page.  Although in Internet Options my home page is listed as I was unable to edit it and my home page, for better or worse is now MSN  -  full of pictures, music and blaring voices.  Luckily I have a key on my keyboard which allows me to quickly turn off the sound and I mostly leave it off these days.  I assume that Microsoft thinks that the younger generation is unable to understand plain text and needs pictures and voiceovers to understand the News.

Sorry for this rant  -  I am royally pissed off with Microsoft and all its works.

But there is some good news  -  my mammogram came up clear so I can leave it for another five years before I feel obliged to have another one and all the aches and pains which followed my poliomyelitis booster are fast diminishing.  My little cats are well although Poppy is limping slightly.  She has arthritis in her right hand and they spend the day before yesterday with Parsifal wanting to play and Poppy attacking him whenever he came within striking distance.  Yesterday they seem to have come to some sort of agreement and are back to being each other's best friend.

I am seriously thinking of giving up teaching computer.  I am sick and tired of lugging two computers and a hotspot with me every Thursday because COTA's computers work very badly if at all and no-one seems to care or get them fixed.  I am encouraging my clients to bring their own laptops but we no longer have access to a guest connection to the internet  -  hence the hotspot and while I do not mind using my own connection I shouldn't have to.

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