Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Don't fence me in.

I had a visit from Mr Next-door Down-the-hill this afternoon. He is going to be away for the next month and wanted to talk to me about the dividing fence. Basically, he is happy for me to get some quotes and try to induce someone to fix the fence but he wants to be there to clear away the greenery on his side of the fence.

I told him that the building companies all go on holidays from Christmas until the end of January so I said that I would wait until early February and start getting quotes. [Note to self - go and see the council building inspector to see exactly what my rights are, since the fence is, for me, a pool fence].

No sooner had he gone than there was another ring on the doorbell and it was Ms Next-to-next-door Down-the-hill. She said that her dividing fence between him and her was also teetering over and she wanted to have it replaced at the same time and, as well, she would like to replace her back fence and her front fence as well. She is on a Green Title so that involves the other occupant of the block. So that makes four of us. HELP !!!!!!!!

I have until the end of January and then all hell is going to break loose as we try to sort out who has what done and who pays for what. For me it is fairly simple but everyone else will be dealing with two people and it is, hopefully, going to be a big enough job to tempt someone to do it. The finances are going to be interesting, though ...

Now for your cyberflirt hint for today:

If you describe yourself as articulate, make sure that you know how to spell it.

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