Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fencing around the problem

The ivy which grows up the fence between me and my downhill neighbour finally pulled the fence down during a storm a couple of weeks ago. I had mentioned to him several months ago that the ivy was becoming a big problem and when the fence finally went over he told me that he had obtained some quotes 'about three months ago' and I got the impression that he had accepted the quote without any input from me.

I sent him a written request for a copy of the quote and it turns out that it is dated 15th September, valid for 30 days. So now I don't know where we are ...

Mr Downhill next-door is away most of the time and will be absent, except for a couple of days over Christmas, until the end of January. I have tried to get in touch with the fencing contractor who supplied the quote but so far no luck ... except that he has (or someone has) opened the email I sent him. I also sent a hard copy via snail mail as he didn't return my phone call.

He specified that he needed a clear run to do the fence and the amount of creepers, trees etc, next door is daunting. Mr Next-door brushes it aside as being no problem but if he isn't here I can't order someone to cut all the stuff back.

I need to go to the council and see what I am, and am not, allowed to do in these circumstances because the fence in question is my pool fence. The Next-doors have propped it up again but it is going to have to be replaced; but just how, I don't know. My plan is to speak to the fencing contractor and see exactly what his position is on the subject, go to the council and see what my position is and then go and ask Cousin B if he knows of someone who can do the job. At least anyone he recommends will have some sort of a track record and the one who gave the quote is so elusive that I am afraid that he will take the 50% deposit and disappear.

And here is your cyberflirt hint for today:

Keep a photo to send to prospects.

I notice that it doesn't actually have to be a photo of me; some of those Russian scammers are gorgeous. You might want to borrow one of them to enhance your prospects...

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