Saturday, December 12, 2009

Wii woes

A couple of weeks ago, D3 pursuaded me to buy a WII fitness package. I have been diligently doing a 30 minute workout each day and it is getting up my nose a bit. It keeps on telling me that my balance is poor - as though I didn't know that already, and that my right leg is weak which I am also woefully aware of. I hurt my hip about three months ago and it is getting better slowly but some activities still hurt - walking up stairs is the prime problem. I guess that I just have to keep on exercising and stretching it until it comes right again.

Summer has finally arrived and my pool, although the chlorine levels are very high and the water is still a bit cloudy, is swimmable and yesterday I had my first swim of the season. It is nice to get back to it and, since we no longer have summer time to trouble us, I can get back to swimming as a form of exercise. We have had three (or is it four) referenda on summer time and each time the result has been a resounding "NO" but the government doesn't seem to be able to take no for an answer. For the last three summers we have had summer time for yet another 'trial' and during that time the sun shone at the wrong angle onto the pool, making it almost midday before I could comfortably swim. On account of the turbulence from the swim jets I have to do backstroke and look directly upwards so the position of the sun becomes critical. Now I can safely swim from about 10.30am.

Today's hint on how to make yourself irrisistable in cyberland:

Choose your name carefully to reflect your personality and interests.

minnie the pink ozcat??? OK - I like cats but the rest is a long story ...

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