Saturday, December 5, 2009

The loveliest of all was the unicorn ...

D3 pursuaded me to invest in a Webkinz toy - - and I have been a slave to the wretched thing ever since. It eats like a horse which I suppose is logical since it is very horselike, and it needs to be stroked and entertained to keep it happy. All this needs money and I have to build up enough capital to not only feed her, but build her rooms and furnish them. My dilemma at the moment is that I bought her an extra room but am not sure if she needs a kitchen to prepare the vegetables which we are growing in the virtual garden or if a study with a TV would make her happier. I have a while to decide ... it is snowing in Webkinzland at the moment.

There are ways of making money and I have all but given up on Freecell to play arcade games to earn money for Esmé. Some of the games are fun and take quite a bit of concentration and I tend to stick to them. Webkinz are really children's toys but a lot of adults have them.

I am sending a polar bear to Little Bro for Christmas because he and Bro'swife went to Canada recently and photographed a large number of polar bears - or photographed the same one many times; they all look big, white and hairy so who knows. I am a bit afraid that he will let the poor thing starve; according to the news of the day they are short of food and are eating their young at the moment.

I am being given a Siamese cat for Christmas so I need to get Esmé firmly established before I add to my cyberfamily.

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