Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Good old golden rules days

The spinning demonstration went well  -  I think  -  but we went way over time and probably disrupted the whole schooling system.  There is another one in a couple of weeks and I think that I'll have to have Herself do all, or most, of the talking while I just spin.

The kids were interested in the making of rolags on the blending board but the real excitement came when I did the first long back draw and suddenly a long length of yarn appeared; and again when I plied the red with the cream and they could see how the twist was made.  Herself has obviously not knitted for a very long time so, as we were way overtime I took over and did a couple of rows.

There was one little boy (they were all grade I, so about five or six) who said that his granny had a wheel just like E.Roberta (who didn't get a look-in) and that she was teaching him to knit.  this I applaud  -  knitting used to be a part of men's work while the unmarried girls did the spinning.

I won't bother to take E.Roberta next time and I should have ascertained how long we had.  I sort of assumed 40 minute classes which was what we had when I was at school.  However, I am pleased to report that E.Emma behaved herself and spun 'Z' and plied 'S' without protest and even self-started when I asked her to.

I have finished the first skein of the 'Jewel' plaits and, as I suspected, they are rather dingy.  Not altogether bad as I don't want the vest I am planning to be garish.  But that will have to wait for a while:  I almost destroyed my thumbs trying to draft the fibres and even after ruthless pre-drafting it was still difficult.  At the moment I am spinning my BFL pigtails and having a lot of fun.  They are easy to draft  -  almost spin themselves and they really ARE going to be a bit garish; I hope.  I might knit the pull-through scarf with them if there is enough yarn.  I am looking forward to spinning the 'Rosewood' plaits now and there will be heaps for a long sweater; and I have two plaits of 'Cupcake' from the Greenwood  Fibre Club which is also BFL tops.

Here is a picture of the first skein of 'Jewel'.  Click on the picture to enlarge it.

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