Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Aubergine Bump

The New Zealand mob had responded very quickly to my emails and the  kilo of Aubergine is already on its way and with luck I will have it by the middle of next week.  Its non-inclusion has been blamed on a 'consignment error' and I am allowed to keep the unordered/unwanted sample 7-colour sliver of autumn colours which are like the ones I have blended with the apricot coloured tops to make my  Joseph Scarf.

I have knitted the requested beanie for GB1, undone it because I wasn't sure if it was big enough, added an extra four stitches (the wool is VERY thick) and have almost finished it again.  This time I am fairly confident that it will be big enough  -  it is very stretchy; the only sticking point is in the casting on and I have done that as loosely as I could considering the thickness of the yarn.  Tomorrow, hopefully, I will finish the knitting and sew it up ready for its trip to New Zealand.

It is a nice beanie pattern; very quick and easy and can be adapted to just about any thickness of yarn.  In this case it is being knitted from some of my first spinnings on E.Roberta when I was still working out the adjustments for twist and take-up.

Parsifal has a 10cm scratch which is healing but must have been inflicted by Poppy.  It doesn't seem to have put him off his food but I must cut their fingernails and toenails tomorrow.  In all my years of keeping cats I never realised how much work indoor cats create.

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