Thursday, March 6, 2014

I have broken a solemn vow

I have almost finished spinning the beastly black and have used almost all of the fibre which I bought to learn to use my blending board.  I am very pleased with the Joseph Scarf I made and having caught the 'woollen' spinning bug I have done what I said I would never do again  -  buy some more tops from the mob in New Zealand.  The proliferation of noils in the beastly black generated this resolve but the apricot bump which I processed on my blending board only had a couple   -  certainly not enough to get my knickers in a twist so I have ordered a bump of Aubergine corriedale with pink-toned slivers to blend and will process them on the blending board and spin them on E.Emma.  I haven't enough tops left for the school demonstrations and do not want to sacrifice any of the little pigtails from Carolyn Greenwood.  The aubergine is on its way and I must say that what Ashford lack in quality they make up for in speed.

I went with D2 to the Cat Haven yesterday and they are doing wonders.  Last time I was there they had chicken-wire runs in tin sheds.  Now they have very superior accommodation for the cats with an isolation wing for those with infections  -  each enclosure with vented air to stop cross infection.  The enclosures are called condominiums but the lady in charge had shortened that to 'condoms' which amused me no end.  They are working towards a total no-euthanize policy and I have made a donation towards eliminating ringworm as this is hard and expensive to treat and at the moment all cats with ringworm are automatically put down.  My cat Bast contracted ringworm and I know how long and tiresome the treatment is.

I woke up a couple of days ago and realised that I could almost move without pain so the neurotoxins are finally working their way out of my body and I am about to start back to doing yoga.  I have two new yoga DVDs which I am anxious to try.  And the lesions on my eyelids turned out to be harmless naevi so maybe that astrologer was right  -  I am experiencing a helpful transit.

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