Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Three Strikes and they are out - I think

My latest order from the mob in New Zealand, the ones who make and sell spinning wheels and things, arrived today minus the kilo of Aubergine tops which I had ordered and paid for.  They charged me for it but substituted a packet of 'Autumn' sliver instead.  I had ordered two packets of 'Spring' slivers to blend with the aubergine and they arrived. It was the only part of the order they got right.

I have emailed the Australian rep. who has always been very helpful and sent her copies of the dispatch document and the delivery docket.  These show the price, weight and contents and list the Aubergine kilo but the weight was only 0.37 kilos.  Hopefully she will be able to sort it out for me but these people in New Zealand seem to be losing the plot and I'd rather pay more to get my practice tops from someone who can give me what I pay for.

I have plied what was supposed to be the ultimate black skein but there is still some to spin.  Once again the weight is 200 gms and is approximately 280 yards in length so I am still spinning very consistently.  This is a good thing since I have been working on it since last October.  The first skein is a bit thicker but not disastrously so and I'll probably knit the back of the cardigan with that one and do the two-ball trick if I run out before I complete the back.

I have started knitting a beanie for the boy GB but the yarn is very thick and I have already undone it once to add some more stitches.  It is pretty stretchy and goes around my head so hopefully it will fit him.  But it is a very quick knit so it won't be the end of the world if I have to do it all over again.

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