Sunday, March 16, 2014

Oh, Happy Day ...

Today I finally skeined and washed the last of the black corriedale tops which I have been stolidly spinning since last October, just over one kilo and destined to be a cardigan.  Now that I have finished spinning it I can allow myself to start knitting.

And I have split a plait of 'jewel' from Kathy's Fibres and want to try spinning each one from the same end so that the colours will match after a fashion when it is plied.  There should be enough for something meaningful  -  I have four plaits.

My aubergine bump which was missed from my last order from Ashford is "in transit' from the Osbourne Park mail depot so it should arrive at the Claremont Post Office sometime this afternoon and that will be for my blending board and spun woollen on E.Emma for a bit of light relief from the serious stuff.

GB1 seems to like the beanie I knitted him for his New Zealand trip.  He put it on and left it on and thank goodness, it fits him perfectly.  I love that pattern  -  it seems to be endlessly adaptable to needles and WPI variations and is infinitely stretchy as long as the casting on is loose enough.

One of E.Roberta's bobbins has been giving trouble (the reason for two short skeins) so I have put a red bow in its tail to remind me not to use it except in emergencies and It would probably work OK for plying should the need arise.

My spider bite doesn't seem to want to heal up properly and I think that I may have to break into the last two courses of antibiotics although I am not holding my breath that they will clear it up since the last four didn't manage to do so.  It is smaller but still itchy  -  maybe it will clear up on its own, given time.

I have worked out how to set Parsifal smurgling and he comes and asks me to do it.  I don't know why he can't just do it all himself  -  he knows where his blankie is kept  -  but he really seems to need permission.  Maybe he does it all on his own at night when I am asleep and simply feels that I would like to be a part of the process.  Now that the weather is getting cooler he is turning into a lap cat.  Poppy has always been a lap cat and it always on my bed when I wake up (for that read woken up by the chronometer kitten) at 7.15 on the dot.

Here is a photo of the black corriedale all spun up.  Click on the photo to enlarge.

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