Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It never rains but it pours ...

We are having a particularly wet week and yesterday it rained steadily almost all day and I had to go out in it because I had an appointment to have a mammogram. It had stopped by the time I was finished but it was rather chilly - the max. was about 14ÂșC. Today is also cold and wet but we are having 'showers' instead of 'rain' so one can time one's runs.

Girl-cat is in hospital on antibiotics and a drip. She has been off-colour for a few weeks with a snuffly nose and not eating, which is most unusual for her but I figures that she had enough body fat to last her for the duration. However, yesterday she spent the whole day on the spare bed after refusing her breakfast and wouldn't even get up for her dinner so I took her to the vet (it was her second visit - I am not so heard-hearted that I would let her sweat it out for too long, after all, she is nearly 15). Anyway, her teeth are in a dire state and she was dehydrated, so she was admitted last night so that they could put her on a drip and start antibiotic treatment and today she is to have her teeth scaled and any too far gone to clean up will have to come out. Poor baby!

Boy-cat hs fretting and last night he followed me around like a shadow and every time I stopped he needed to be carried; when I tried to put him down he just climbed further up onto my shoulder. He is not so bad today but still wanting a lot of attention. Girl-cat should be home tonight and hopefully will be feeling a lot better. *sigh* I could buy another two Burmese cats for what I am going to have to pay for her teeth to be fixed but it is to be expected that old cats need more veterinary help and are therefore going to become expensive. ... and the stock market is down again.

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