Thursday, June 11, 2009

More mentor muddles

Yet again I was given the wrong information regarding the number of clients booked into the computer lounge ... I think! I arrived at 10.45am ready to see my first client at 11.00am only to have one of my clients meet me at the door, on her way out. I am not sure if she was booked in and nobody told me about it or if she came in on spec because she needed some help. Anyway, The Administrator did whatever was necessary and, despite the horrible weather, everyone else turned up on schedule.

But I spent the day opening online email accounts and unaccountably had problems with Yahoo which refused to open the new mailboxes. With one of the mail boxes we opened it and activated it and then signed out to give some practise in putting in user name and password ... and it said that the user name was still available and did we want to open an account. *sigh*

With the last client, at the receptionist's suggestion, we went to hotmail and had no problem at all except that it has morphed again and I had problems finding the links. The "sign out" link is in the smallest print possible, for some reason; perhaps they want people to stay with them and take up their offers of chat, instant messaging, meeting new friends etc. I hate microsoft!!!

Himself phoned me from Canberra to say that he had replied to an email I had forwarded to him from Bosslady and, five hours later it hasn't arrived so yahoo has probably eaten it.

The email was from someone governmental who wanted us to promote their 'First Click' program and said that she supposed that "the vollies" probably knew something about computers but that we might benefit from playing around with the program in our spare time. The Doctor was really annoyed at being described as a vollie and I was really annoyed at the assumption that we didn't know everything there was to know about computers. Incidentally, I am a qualified First Click teacher and I refused to continue with the program past the training because I was horrified at the cost and the limitations and didn't want any part of it.

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