Sunday, June 28, 2009

Stormy weather

After two days of gales down on the beach front the wind swung around to the south and the storms finally reached my house this morning, with rain, hail and lightning, at about 5.00am. I had unplugged the computer last night but hadn't turned off the power to the modem so I got up and did that, decided that it wasn't going to be much fun down at the beach and went back to bed for an hour.

When I got up I discovered a very large, very dead rat in the passage. I don't know how Boy-cat (aged 14 years and 9 months) managed to catch and kill it - he only has one canine tooth left and is unable to do the killer bite any more - and we haven't had a rat for years. It was wet and he was dry so it may have been baited: he didn't attempt to eat it, thank goodness, but was very pleased with himself nevertheless ... So was I.

Perhaps he is starting to get over the loss of his sister.

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