Wednesday, June 3, 2009

That portrait ...

Today I saw the portrait which I commissioned from William Boissevain of Boy-cat. Second-wife brought it and the framer around to compare it with the portrait of Girl-cat. It is matching but not the same and it looks just like him; I am thrilled with it. The frame won't be quite the same because Girl-cat's framing is no longer available but I am not fussed about that as long as they are either very different or in the same sort of style. Hopefully I will have it soon and will have to decide where to put it and if I want it next to the picture of Girl-cat. If I decide to do that she will have to be moved along the wall a bit, I think ... It is only temporary anyway, if I am going to be moving in a couple of years.

The stock market is up so I am not feeling quite as fragile about the new apartment; with luck I'll get my price for the house in 2011.

According to Boss-lady, I have a full day tomorrow and maybe she has got it right this week and I will actually have four clients. The Doctor only has two ...

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