Friday, June 26, 2009

Vale Girl-cat

OSHPOSH BAST-RA (24th September 1994 - 23rd June 2009)

Oshposh Bast-Ra (Girl-cat) was born on 24th September 1994, daughter of Cadem Earl of Ambrose and Tijuana Cher, and with her brother (Boy-cat), came to live with me when she was twelve weeks old.
She was a super-friendly cat with a very loud purr and some odd and endearing habits: She liked to sit behind the off-side back wheel of visitors' cars when they were about to back out of my driveway, and she liked to run widdishuns round the toilet pedastal when it was flushing. Like most Burmese cats, she liked to crawl into bed with me in the early hours of the morning and used to put her cold little paws against my back instead of her warm furry body; she thought that using the garden for her toileting arrangements was "not nice" and would come inside to use the litter box. She loved people and always helped any tradesmen who came to the house; she liked to garden and used to sit on the weeds which I was trying to pull up, telling me that they were hers; she liked to jump into the empty laundry basket after I had hung out the washing so that she could be carried inside; she liked to eat Boy-cat's dinner and he would politely stand aside so that she could do so - she weighed six kilos when she died.
As she and Boy-cat grew older and less active they spent most of their time curled up together, asleep, in a nest of cushions on the spare bed. He is missing her dreadfully and can't understand why she isn't there any more. Her death was sudden and unexpected and we are both having trouble coming to terms with it. She will be missed by all those who loved her ...

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  1. She was a beautiful cat and looks like she had a great personality. Thank you for sharing her story and photograph.