Monday, October 14, 2013

A glutton for punishment

I have ordered another 200 gms of 'Storm' after days of wondering if I ever wanted to tackle spinning it again; but I realised that I really don't have enough to knit anything meaningful from the 500gms which I have spun.  A scarf or a pair of mittens is about all I would manage and there is a vest which I would like to knit with it.  So I will gird up my loins and tackle some more of it.  Spinning a kilo of plain black will probably call for a bit of light relief anyway, especially since I seem to be spinning much thinner with the more easily handled fibre and therefore it is taking longer.  I am still waiting for my set of bamboo needles, though, and might have to go shopping for some since I finished the Quaker Stretch Scarf, which turned out better than I had expected.

I have had D1 staying with me for the last few days while she attends a conference here in Perth.  She will be leaving for the airport straight from the conference tomorrow and I will be spending the day with my brother-in-law's widow.  (Himself says that she is NOT a sister in law although I disagree with him on that).  She is over from Melbourne and has a few things she needs my help to do.  She saved my sanity when I was in Victoria when my sister was ill so I feel I owe her just about anything she asks of me and giving her a day of my time is very small beer.

I promised to post a photo of the cats on their second birthday but they refused to either pose or to jointly get within camera range so I have taken a picture of them this morning, asleep on top of Parsifal's igloo which he prefers with the top squashed in.  I am allowed to restore its igloo shape so that he can have a quick smurgle in it but then he jumps on the top to squash it in again. Click on the picture to enlarge it.

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