Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Heaven preserve and protect me

Heaven preserve me from well meaning friends and relatives who set up the computers of their parents and elderly acquaintances.

I have a client at the moment who owns a computer which is both slow and messy and which, moreover, refuses to do what I ask of it.  The icons on the desktop are tiny and when I tried to set them bigger it wanted to reboot (which we didn't have time to do because it is so slow) and its home page is simply 'about.blank' which, according to google is the result of the computer becoming infected with something and her virus scanner, Bitdefender, clearing it and removing her home page.  I have printed off some instructions telling me how to put it back again but her virus scanner is out of date.  This is a problem with trial versions of things  -  they run out.  She has two urgent messages on her computer telling her to update the virus scanner and according to the page of instructions I found, she needs to scan and clean her computer before anyone can reinstate her home page.

I would recommend a technician and a more well-known virus scanner to sort it out ... I can't.

I have managed, after much swearing and gnashing of teeth, to install TrendMicro and MS Office on my Windows 8 laptop and then I found that there were 20 emails in my inbox which refused to delete.  Himself solved that by dragging them into the deleted folder.  I had tried using the 'move' button to do this and it didn't work so I was resigned to having them there forever.  The newer emails delete as they should.  And now my internet connection to the Windows 8 computer (hereafter to be referred to as minimagnus) keeps dropping out.  I think that this may have something to do with the facility with which it connects itself to the COTA network or maybe my modem just doesn't like having to do the extra work.

I love computers but sometimes they drive me spare.

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