Friday, October 11, 2013

Black on black; eyestrain on eyestrain

I have started spinning the black corridale tops and I am going to have to rig up a light in order to see when to move the hook along.  But that is nothing compared to the difficulty I had spinning the "Storm" tops ... which turned out surprisingly well after all my complaints.  I am even considering getting some more because there really isn't enough to knit anything but a scarf and one can need only so many scarves.

I have ordered about a kilo and a half of painted tops from USA and with luck that should be enough for a sweater.  But I need to finish with the black corridale first and as spinning it is a piece of cake after "Storm" I am spinning finer and should have enough for a jacket of some sort.

The cats have taken over the woolly jacket I bought to put on when the sea breeze whistles in so I need another one; although summer is on its way  -  sort of. 

It is the cats' second birthday tomorrow so I will take a photo of them and post it.  Parsifal is quite a big cat and very chatty with a huge vocal range.  Poppy is quieter and is the first cat I have ever heard actually say "mieuw".  She is very cuddly and is always curled up on the bed when I wake up in the morning and she has finally accepted that being brushed is a pleasurable pastime.

D2 has both of her cats back and Chloe is recovering from her near-death experience.  Willow has a cut on her nose and a bit of a limp after falling eight floors down onto a shade sail which must have broken her fall.  I am really glad that my cats' breeder insisted on me having my balcony screened as cupboards and apron strings are hazards enough without having to worry about Falling Cat Syndrome.

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