Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I have decided to start knitting the yarn I spun from the 'Storm' rovings but the swatch seems to think that it is about 11-ply which is just thicker than Aran.  I have knitting needles left over from the olden days and new ones which I have bought recently and I should have the correct size to start knitting the ribbing band but it seems to be the one and only size which I don't have in a spectrum from 2mm to 20mm; I don't have any 5mm needles.  So I am going to have to make another trip to Woolylatte tomorrow and get some, unless, by some miracle, the set which I ordered about six weeks ago (and which was out of stock) arrives to save me.

Ravelry.com is amazing.  I put my parameters into the pattern search and came up with pages and pages of vest patterns for Aran so I think that I simply need to knit a size smaller than I should to accommodate the slightly thicker yarn ... or I could go up a needle size and then I could start straight away with the right sized needles but that would mean knitting another swatch to get the ratio  -  not a particularly onerous task and the finished vest might be better for being a bit looser.  One of the problems I have found that knitters of homespun are prone to is knitting on too-small needles.

I've finished spinning the first bobbin of black corridale but haven't started on the next one yet.  I have downloaded a couple of books onto my Kobo and they are tempting me. And today was sterilising litter tray day and should be cutting claws day as well but the babies slept so peacefully all day that I decided not to disturb them or Poppy would start yowling for tummy rubs.  She has a particularly strident voice which is hard to ignore ... although she does stop if I tell her to.  Only she looks so hurt when I do that which makes me reluctant to shut her up.

There is still nothing from the Claremont Council regarding registering them and they have to be official by 31st October.

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