Thursday, October 24, 2013

I don't believe that any Local Council ...

The law pertaining to the registration of cats comes into effect in six days.  When I first went to register the babies last week the forms were not yet available but the girl behind the desk promised to post them when they arrived.

I received them a couple of days ago, filled them in with all the relevant information and have just returned from the Council Offices.  Despite the fact that the law comes into effect next week I was told that no registrations will be accepted or processed until the middle of November.  Why??  I can only ascribe it to gross inefficiency, something I have frequently noticed over the past two years since I moved to Claremont.  I have been dealing with the Cottesloe council for decades and they have always been helpful and efficient; I am unaccustomed to this level of inefficiency.  I am starting to seriously believe the rumours about how and why the old council building burnt down.

Anyway, the forms and all the required documentation are there and waiting for mid-November.  I can't see that much will be done about unregistered cats unless the rangers are better at their job than the office staff.  But I will comply with the law ... I have even bought collars for them but they will only be for 'best' if I take them out to the park where they will be firmly tethered to the kitty-carriage anyway.

I have picked up my new spectacles and am testing them.  I have found that with the new correction I am having to move my head differently to see the correct distances with the multifocal lenses.  But already I am accommodating to them and I can even see the computer screen without my computer glasses.

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