Sunday, September 8, 2013

All spun out.

After a marathon spinning effort during which I spun for at least an hour per day I have processed all but about 90gms of the tops which I bought to run in and get used to the feel of E.Roberta.  I am spinning fairly consistently and much finer now and am ready to have a try at the grown-up stuff.  I have 500gms of a mixture of silk and merino fibre in magenta, grey and white which should make a nice scarf and maybe a pair of mittens if I can spin fine enough.

I have also ordered 1 Kilo of black corridale tops and a small pack of seven autumn colours to make a sweater with autumn highlights  -  if I can master the blending board when it finally arrives.  It should be an interesting exercise.

It takes me about four hours to fill a bobbin so, with plying each skein will take me between nine and ten hours ... and then there is the knitting.  I think that I have found a knitting pattern for E.Roberta's first offering which has improved as I progressed and is therefore of very mixed quality.  It is a tabard  -  very chunky and if I don't have enough yarn I can leave it without sleeves.

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