Sunday, September 29, 2013

Gone !

I made a big push today and finished spinning the "Storm" blend.  It took me all afternoon and I have just finished the last small amount this evening.  Once it is plied off the bobbins I can start on the black corridale and start knitting "Storm" as I have found a pattern and I am hoping that there will be sufficient yarn for it.  The problem with spinning to knit is that one is never sure that there will be enough to finish the project.

The cats have a birthday coming up soon and I have ordered a small cat tree for them,  to go against the kitchen counter so that they don't have to jump a metre down onto hard tiles.  Whether or not they will use it I am not sure but it will be something new for them to explore.

The new outside litter dome is very popular but I think that only Parsifal uses it.  It is certainly effective as far as keeping out the weather goes.  We have had it very wet and windy with rain coming right over the balcony and it only clumps where it should.

D2 lost one of her cats five weeks ago and someone found her yesterday, very thin and weak but recovering in hospital.  And two days ago the other cat disappeared.  Her apartment is eight floors up and although there was a great deal of to-ing and fro-ing the day the first cat disappeared, D2 can't work out how the second one disappeared as there was no body and if someone took her to the vet with injuries she is microchipped and therefore D2 would have been contacted, if only to pay the bills.

It is all very strange and I am glad that my cats' breeder insisted that I screened my balcony.  Not that they don't try to get out into the passage but there is nowhere for them to go from there unless someone is using the lift and I can't imagine any of the people on this level would let an unaccompanied cat ride down in the lift.  And anyway, everybody up here knows I have cats  -  there is a sign on the door "Cats Rule".

Just a note to say that Willow, D2's second cat, appears to have jumped off the 8th floor balcony, landed on a shade sail in the garden below and found herself trapped in an enclosed courtyard.  Someone heard her crying out and D2 and sundry others from her apartment block participated in a rescue.  She has a sore jaw and is limping a bit but is otherwise unhurt.

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