Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Going, going ... !

I have finished bobbins three and four of the "Storm" blend which I bought from Ashcroft.  Now that I have accepted that it will be a novelty-type yarn I just want to get it finished.  Tomorrow afternoon I can ply it off the bobbins and there is then only enough left for two half bobbins and I am done:  the equivalent of five 100gm skeins.

Several knitting pattern books arrived yesterday with some really nice patterns but I am not sure that I will have enough yarn for anything except, perhaps, a scarf and mittens.  I am going to have to knit a test piece and do some serious calculations, especially since it is unevenly spun with bumps of white silk.

D2 arrived with coffee and cakes this afternoon and she said that she may be able to collect D1 from the airport on 11th October.  D1 will be staying until the 16th when I am contracted to spend the day with SIL1 to whom I owe a huge favour so will be doing some to-ing and fro-ing for most of the day.  She wants to see where her husband and our mother-in-law are buried which is the least I can do for her.

Tomorrow I only have one client so it will be a restful day but I will need to take the Win 8 computer just in case.  Next week is Show Week; not a good time to live in Claremont ...

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