Monday, September 16, 2013

What is an apron string between friends?

Yesterday afternoon I left my spinning apron rolled into a ball with all its strings firmly hidden but shortly afterwards I realised that Parsifal (Parsifal, of course who else?) had found it, unrolled it and was busy swallowing one of the ties.  Luckily is was still attached to the apron and I pulled 41cm out, along with a lot of mucus and froth.  I am going to have to replace the ties on both spinning aprons so that I don't have to worry about where I put them and how I store them.

My blending board arrived yesterday, along with a kilo of black tops (dyed black, not black sheep black) and a small bag of colours for blending.  The diz I ordered arrived separately today (isn't diz a wonderful word  -  like zill ... good for scrabble).  This morning I found the small bag, full of toothmarks and with a small amount of the wool protruding and the same with the kilo of black.  I have now stored them in the last of my cotton bags and will have to resort to using pillow cases until I clear the backlog.  I guess that it keeps me on my toes but it would be nice if I didn't have to be conscious of anything linear and where it is.

To be honest, I am still glad that I chose Parsifal over his brother.  He is such a loveable, intelligent cat and another owner might have given up on him or left him to block up and die in pain.  There are things which he seems to have coped with, such as the drive band from my spinning wheel and the tie from my hoodie, neither of which ever appeared again in any form but they were cotton and probably digested, along with the tie from my other spinning apron which disappeared some time ago.  

I need to talk to D3 and see if she has some spare calico which I can use for thicker, stronger apron strings.

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