Saturday, September 14, 2013

Spinning can be un-fun

I have just finished spinning the second bobbin of my merino/silk mix and I am not enjoying the experience; it is the hardest thing that I have ever spun and that includes the cotton ball.  Thank goodness I only bought 500 gms because even after only two bobbins I am tempted to give up.  The silk seems to have been thrown in without separating it at all so that it is in a lump and refuses to be drawn.  That means that the thread is bumpy and very uneven.  There are also little pills of wool going through, most very small but some as big as the head of a silk pin.  Maybe they will fall out when I ply the stuff but I am not holding my breath so it will probably pill when I wear it.  I had intended to knit it into a vest and if I don't give up on it that is what I will do (supposing that I have enough).  It actually looks quite pretty, even to a degree the white chunks of silk, because it catches the light and glistens; unusual but effective.

There is some corridale tops on its way and when my blending board arrives I will be blending it myself.  It is black and I have ordered a pack of autumn colours which I will blend sparingly through half of the black and ply it with the other half which will have no colour added.  That is the plan, anyway.  I have got to get through this lot first but it has been a lesson to me to be careful what I wish for ...

It is a horrible day  -  gale force southerly winds and heavy rain.  There are no yachts out on the river today.  Luckily GB1's regatta was last weekend or it would have had to be cancelled ... there is no way that they could have sent 12-year-olds out in single-handed yachts in this weather.

Both cats are currently out on the balcony; their choice but as soon as it starts raining again they will want to come back in again.  I refuse to leave a door open for them  -  it is far too cold and windy but maybe they are feeling the need for some fresh air.  It is going to start raining again an a few minutes so I will let them in when they ask.

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