Thursday, September 12, 2013

Picture perfect

I have finally spun a skein which I am perfectly happy about.  It is almost back to my old standard of spinning but there are a couple of buts.  No.1 is that there is only 200 gms of it so goodness knows what I will knit .  There is another matching skein but it is thicker and softer, being more loosely plied so maybe I could knit the back of a vest in one and the front in another ... it would be warm if not very pretty.

The second but is that I am now spinning the "storm" blend which I purchased from Ashford and it is a b****r to spin, being slippery but hard to draw so it will end up as a novelty yarn and probably morph into a scarf.  I only have 500 gms so there isn't really enough for anything else and it will probably make a very pretty scarf.

Himself had to give a lecture this morning so I was on my own at COTA, with one client for the whole two hours which she cut short after about 95 minutes.  Two hours is too long so hopefully she will remember some of what I told her; it is rather an information overload and she didn't take any notes.

This entry is really all about posting a picture of my perfect skein.  Click on the picture to enlarge it in all its glory.

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