Sunday, August 18, 2013

How to tear out your hair in one easy lesson

I have spent the day setting up my new Windows 8 laptop and it is now working, on the whole, as a computer should.  I managed to get my iinet mail working by downloading the Live Essentials app and then synching it in.  I can't remember just how I synched it but I then had to delete about 300 emails which had crossed from this computer (my desktop Win 7).

It told me that I needed at least 16gb of thumb drive to make a backup and recovery drive in case it goes belly-up but the 16gb thumb drive I bought only had 14.4 capacity so I had to take it back and get a 32gb one instead.  So I now I have a backup drive, some shortcuts on my desktop, have rearranged all the little icons on the start screen, loaded some photos into My Pictures, put a signature onto my emails, sent myself a couple of emails to make sure that it is all working, deleted the preview pane etc, etc.

I was going to spend the day spinning but it is almost 6.00pm (and I had to change the clock which was showing Eastern States time) so not much chance of that now.  It is only vaguely connected to this main computer and I will ask Techie to come and network it and check that there is nothing else that I need to do.  And I think that I need to get the latest version of MS Office.  I have the 2003 version and it loaded in but then I realised that I was stuck with Outlook, which I hate, so I took it off again; but the option is always there to put it back again.  I am sure that I have a later version somewhere  -  perhaps I could spend the evening trying to locate it.

And now all I have to do is teach it ......

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