Friday, August 16, 2013

Lost causes

I have given up on the book "The Stalking of Julia Gillard  - how the media and Team Rudd brought down the Prime Minister".  It is boring, badly written and getting less and less relevant by the day.  I will put it on the shelf with "The Marmalade Files" and "Downfall" and hopefully treat them as history.

However, it has had a very positive effect on me because I have been finding other things ... anything ... to do rather than sit down and read it so I have been knitting; I have gone as far as I can with the yuckie pink until my jumbo woolwinder arrives from New Zealand.  There is not going to be enough yarn for the serape which I had hoped to make but it will make a very nice scarf  -  one of those ones which are sewn double with a gap so that it works as a hood and scarf.  Damart sells them but they skimp on fabric and this, despite its colour should be a whole lot better.

I have embarked on my fifth bobbin spun on E.Roberta and having read all the sage advice on the Ravelry site regarding settings for E.Robertas I am finally spinning finer and more evenly.  This particular lot of tops is going to make a most peculiar garment  -  thick and very rough and getting finer as she goes.  I still have a sample swatch from my first spinnings from E.Emma and it is much the same; thick and rough but it made a very nice sailing jumper and the swatch is now Poppy's favourite thing.  Luckily neither cat seems inclined to eat it so I am happy to let her keep it.

I have had a second client with a Windows 8 computer but luckily he only wanted to file and label photographs so we spent an hour using the right button.  My computer mantra, of course, is "When all else fails try the Right Button".  I think that I need to progress beyond my little Surface tablet and am looking at a grown-up Windows 8 laptop.  My loyalty credits from my credit card will almost pay for a rather nice Acer which I have my eye on and will probably drop in and buy it in a day or so.  I am sleeping on it at the moment but I think that I am going to need it.  Himself is also going to have to familiarise himself with it so he can borrow the tablet while I work on the laptop.  *sigh*

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