Sunday, August 4, 2013

Party time - no, NOT the election

There was another late-night booze-up underneath my bedroom window the night before last, starting at about 2.00am and ending around about 4.00am which woke me up and left me fuming.  I shouted down to ask the guys to move inside but received no acknowledgement at all so I tried white noise which worked for a time but after a while my radio turned itself off.

Yesterday I went down to beard the beasts in their lair and met the apartment owner for the first time.  He denied that he had known about the goings-on and that he had gone to bed early and slept through the noise.  I suspect that this explains why they party out on the patio but nevertheless, with the number of empties stacked in cartons by the entrance, he must have been aware that there had been some heavy drinking going on.  I gave him a copy of the rules of behavior expected and told him that I already had a dossier and the next step was the police before I could refer it to the Strata Management.  He promised to ensure that it didn't happen again and last night it was blissfully quiet but I am not holding my breath that it won't happen again.

Parsifal has recovered from his latest brush with a shoelace and is full of beans and belting around the apartment and badgering me for dried fish snacks.  I should stop worrying  -  his system can obviously cope with foreign objects.

I am still struggling with E.Roberta.  All her settings had come adrift but luckily I know approximately where the twist and draw controls should be set ... not that it made a great deal of difference to my spinning which is abysmally bad still.  On Saturday (today is Monday) I spun about half a bobbin and will finish it off as soon as I have time  -  this looks like being a busy week  -  and try to ply this lot better than the last skein which, when I eventually plied it in the right direction, was disastrously short on twist 

I must remember the mantra told to us at our spinning lessons:  spin with a slow treadle and fast hands, ply with a fast treadle and slow hands.  Translating that to E.Roberta means increase the twist for plying, and spin loose.

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