Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Things are a little woolly

I have just acquired a jumbo wool winder from Ashford.  They are a "while stocks last" item so I was lucky that there was one available.  It will be posted off to me tomorrow from New Zealand so the pink thing I am knitting will have to wait as I am almost at the end of the ball and I have three more skeins of the sheep/Samoyed yarn ... not to mention the stuff I spun from Terry's fleece which is still unwashed.  I have already picked out a jumper pattern for that.

I have also found a forum on Ravelry devoted exclusively to E.Roberta.  It seems that they have been available for many years but with leather bearings and no pause pedal.  I'm glad that I waited ...

I had my last Intermediate Yoga class last night and will probably enroll for the next one, mainly because by paying in advance I actually make the time to go instead of making excuses and it is not as crowded as the drop-in sessions are.  I do yoga from DVDs most evenings and am therefore ahead of the class with some of the poses but my balance is dreadful and I still can't do the Tree Pose.

The kittens are both molting and Poppy will only accept a very cursory brushing;  Parsifal rolls around in ecstasy and hasn't a hair out of place, but his tummy is still bald from  his last ultrasound.

I am still struggling to read The Stalking of Julia Gillard  and that is the reason for all this untimely activity in the crafts department.  I am actually knitting and listening to music instead of reading, watching TV or playing computer games so the book has merit after all.

Bring on the election!!  It is a right pain in the ****.

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