Saturday, August 17, 2013

Not ANOTHER one !

My bank has been harrassing me about the number of loyalty points which I have accumulated but since anything I buy using them is courier delivered it is difficult as the couriers can never find my apartment.  So I took the cash option and realised that I was not much short of the price of a nice Acer Windows 8 laptop computer.  At COTA we now have two clients with Windows 8 and the surface, although a great starter, is not going to be adequate  -  the screen is too small for starters and is hard to read.  It can be zoomed but then not much of the page shows.

Anyway, I claimed my cash and bought the laptop and spent the rest of the afternoon setting it up.  I can't get my iinet mail on it so I phoned iinet but the man I spoke to couldn't help me; it does not support POP.  Yahoo works and so does my web mail and it might sync itself  -  it has done so for most of the contents of my desktop so it may happen yet  -  the Win8 Surface has done so too, so I live in hope.  I can always call on Techie to help me out if all else fails but I am surprised that iinet didn't know.  J. said that all the guys there are having problems sorting out Windows 8 but maybe he was new to the job.

There are a couple of good photo editing apps which I will point out to my current client  -  he is trying to organise his pictures and some are in dire need of a bit of lightening and brightening; and if he wants to send them as email attachments he will need to shrink them as there no longer seems to be an automatic shrink option.

I'll offer to lend the Surface to Himself to help familiarise him but I doubt if he will take up the offer.  We will see.

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