Saturday, August 10, 2013

Spinning Tops

I have plied off the second two bobbins of tops which I spun on E.Roberta and there is a noticeable improvement over the first two.  The yarn is better spun and better plied and looks to be getting nearer to the 8-ply which I spin on E.Emma although it is a bit hard to tell since I use greasy wool on Emma and until it is washed it looks much finer as it sticks to itself.

My hand carders arrived yesterday after a couple of trips across the Nullarbor  but I'll wait until I have spun my tops and then perhaps experiment with colours.  But I have a lot of knitting ahead of me and will hopefully finish the hideous pink before I am tempted into anything else.

I was talking to the Zoo Lady about what the veterinary animal behaviorist suggested for Parsifal's little problem and how she had gone into medical mode instead pf psychology mode and I wasn't happy with that and didn't intend to follow it up.  The Zoo Lady suggested giving Parsifal a bottle to give him suck time, so I have bought a pet bottle and some low-salt chicken stock to put in it but am concerned that he will become reliant on his bottle and nag at me for it.  On the other hand it might just be what he needs to get over his past reluctance to being weaned.  

In the mean while I am going to be pro-active and make sure that anything he eats is digestible ... only natural fibres from now on as the stomach acids should be able to deal with cotton, linen, wool and silk.   For some reason he is not in the least bit interested in eating the results of my spinning; only the cotton drive band on E.Emma.

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