Friday, August 23, 2013


Techie came today and connected my Windows 8 laptop to my network so now I have computers 'minniemagnus' and 'minniemini' both connected and I can transfer data without having to use a thumb drive.  minniemagnus is also connected to the printer as I am tending to use her more and more as one of my main computers and the more I use her the more I actually like Windows 8.

My yesterday's client has a Windows 8 laptop but he has had the start screen option installed so I kept on getting lost trying to find things on his computer and it hasn't got a touch screen and he didn't bring his mouse or dongle with him as he "just wanted to sort and file his photos".  I had to lend him my mouse as dragging and dropping would have been beyond him on a touch pad.  With the number of unfiled photos he has I would not have fancied trying to do it using the touch pad myself.

I have finished spinning E.Roberta's bobbin No.5 (although I think that I should discount the first two which were so bad that the piece I knitted from them is going to be presented to Poppy who will probably love and cherish it.  Bobbins 3 & 4 are presentable and knittable as chunky but No.5 is getting quite fine and I am looking forward to doing the next one and seeing what it looks like plied.

I use clumping, flushable litter for the cats and when I tried to clean out the outside litter tray I found that, with all the rain we have been having, the litter had set rock hard so yesterday I bought one of those dome litter trays.  Parsifal thinks that it is wonderful and that all boys should be able to go outside for their toileting; I may need to get a second one.  I dosed them with Catlax today; they are both molting.  Parsifal licked it off my fingers but Poppy doesn't think that is quite polite so I had to rub it into her paws.  She is the first cat I've owned who didn't lick it up and ask for more. *sigh*

I have made overtures to buy a Turkish spindle from a lady who makes the most beautiful spindles I have ever seen and am hoping to buy at least one of them.  I can see that, like my collection of Tarot cards, I am going to be buying and collecting Turkish spindles because they are so pretty.  But I will use them  -  they are so very portable.

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