Monday, August 19, 2013

No hair left and I've phoned Techie

This morning I tried to download the trial version of MS Office's latest offering but it would only load 80%, try as I would, so I tried to uninstall it from Control Panel but it just kept on churning over and over so I tried a reboot.  I got a message not to unplug as it was downloading 50 updates.  That took about six hours.  I decided to go for Office 2013 instead but from a disc rather than trying to download from Microsoft so I went out and bought it but I kept on getting an error message.  When I was directed to the MS site I found that there were pages of people with the same error message and no solution that I could find.

That is when I phoned Techie who should be able to get here in a couple of days to fix things if he can.  He did warn me that there were problems with Windows 8 but I can't simply tell my clients that they should abandon their computers and buy themselves an Apple Mac instead.

Other than word processing, minnie magnus is working fine and I have pinned Wordpad to the task bar so that I have a word processor.  I prefer to teach word processing in Wordpad anyway as it is simpler to understand.  Its problem is that it reverts to Word as soon as it is saved.  Hmmmm  -  I wonder what will happen if I create a document and save it on minnie magnus.  I'll probably stuff up its already addled brain.  I'd better do it before Techie comes to sort things out; I wouldn't want to waste his time having to come back again.

On a more positive note, my jumbo wool winder arrived today so I have wound a skein of the yuckie pink and can now resume knitting ... and I ordered a very pretty medium weight Turkish spindle from a man who handcrafts them on the Isle of Wight.

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